Bruno has deisgned the FUSTEQ Series paying special attention to the following features:

Low noise level

Innovative Vsi cooling system

Speed fans with electirc radiator

High LAT 

Low fuel consumption


FUSTEQ Series includes compact and reliable generating sets suitable for long term power projects.

FUSTEQ Series has been developed thinking of its special feautres: noiselessness, compactness and reliabilty.

These generating sets range from 8 to 880 kVA and stand out for their innovative soundproofed canopies made with special galvanised steel and are very compact for easiness of use and transport.

The new FUSTEQ Series cooling system, thanks to special multiple fans’ electric radiator with VSi (variable speed inverter) technology manages the flow of cooling air in a very innovative way.

The cooling system of the FUSTEQ canopy and the container are both engineered to meet limit temperature >55° at continuous rating and are managed by a control panel connected to a system of sensors to adjust fans’ speed and manage the flow of air. The air flows are adjusted according to the load of energy to be produced and the existing ambient temperature.

FUSTEQ generating sets are manufactured paying a great attention to every detail to make them safe, durable and ideal for long life projects.

These power generators guarantee easy and fast handling and stack ability.

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